EDRPG and how I got there


EDRPG is the abbreviation for “Elite: Dangerous Role Playing Game” (Link), which is a rather new Sci-Fi RPG by Spidermind Games based on the acclaimed Computer and Console Game “Elite Dangerous” by Frontier Development (Link).

The Franchise dates back to 1984 when the first game “Elite” came out on several different Computer platforms. I got a good look at the old game on my Commodore 64 and spent countless hours in the game, trading cargo, hunting pirates and attacking Thargoids. Even though I was only getting to the ranking of “Dangerous” it was not far away from the highest and name giving rank “Elite”.

So I was quite happy to see a Kickstarter back in November 2012 which brought a new version of Elite called “Elite Dangerous” (Link) and I backed it to get a Mac version. Sadly the expansion Horizon was ever brought to the Mac and so I grudgingly left the game for good.

But in February 2013, long before “Elite Dangerous” hit the market the was another Kickstarter project called “Elite Encounters” (Link), promising a RPG version. Of course I also backed this project, which should take until late 2017 to become reality. I was very sad to have lost two opportunities to finally come back to the Elite universe.

EDRPG_SlipThen yet another Kickstarter project came along to promise an RPG for Elite Dangerous, this time EDRPG by Spidermind Games (Link). No, this time I stayed strong and didn’t participate in the project – still hoping for a release of Elite Encounters.

Then Elite Dangerous was released for PlayStation 4 in Mid 2017 and I finally started playing again. Even though I hoped for a PS VR version (for which I already bought a PS VR set) this dream wasn’t fulfilled until today.

While I was happy again and my life was nearly complete, the EDRPG was taking regular preorders (or late backers) for they promised a release late 2017. Okay, now they got me and in the end both EDRPG and Elite Encounters hit the market at about the same time. EDRPG was first by a short time, but they produced a Rulebook with a superb and colorful design, a feast for the eyes – not only compared to the rather boring look of Elite Encounters. And EDRPG also worked on four supplements, which should hit the market early 2018.

Since I took the Rulebook and read it I was eager to play my first game. I had some issues getting started (for my local gaming group was still playing Star Wars), but I got my two sessions to take a look into it. It was okay, but not brilliant – which is mostly the case with my testing sessions when it is mostly rule testing and still finding things that were wrongly understood.

Then the first supplement “Military” came along and I found some errors in the book, mostly with the Spaceships, whose stats sometimes didn’t match the individual parts description. And since the first FAQs didn’t list my findings I got to tell them my findings.

Long (yes, yes) story short I am happy now to officially help lecturing the books, already having worked on “Military” and “Espionage”. When “Super Traders” and “Exploration” are ready, I will finally start a series of sessions in EDRPG. Maybe I am even am Ambassador for the game, who knows.

At least you will see me around presenting EDRPG an local events like the “Brot und Spiele” and the “Conventus Leonis”. Maybe I will even visit my only gaming clubs in Berlin on the next conventions – if my time and family allows me to.

Pictures are taken from the EDRPG Website and are for review purposes only. Copyright by Spidermind.

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