My top referred Youtube Videos for EDRPG

I love the active Elite Dangerous community and when asked about the game by potential EDRPG players I like to refer to some videos on Youtube – mostly as a starter to set the mood.

Here are my top five videos for you to enjoy.

  • Elite: Dangerous (Trailer) • CTRL ALT SPACE 2017 – YouTube – I love the summary this video gives on what you can do in Elite Dangerous. It shows lots of pictures, details, action but on the other hand still is not overly focussing on action. This is by far my favorite movie introduction.
  • Join the Adventure – Elite: Dangerous Asp Explorer – Initially I wanted to show the Sidewinder ship commercial to show up, because it shows the players of the EDRPG what they will most likely be flying. But since I want to show a top five I chose the Asp Explorer commercial. I think the beginning of this video with its look back into our age is lost to players, that already have seen too much of the game. So this is one of my starter movies.
  • Pleasure Achieved – Elite Dangerous Viper MKIII – One of my favorite ship commercial videos, even though I prefer the Cobra MKIII as a ships choice. I refer this video because it shows alternative uses that are not obvious to most players and is nice from the RPG side of things.
  • Stardust – Elite Dangerous CTRL+ALT+SPACE 2017 Competition Winner – A great short story in the Elite Dangerous universe, involving players and giving more depth to the RPG side of the game. A must for EDRPG introductions, so I offer it to my players to look into it as preparation. It’s not the right movie to show before the game starts, though.
  • Day One | An Elite: Dangerous Story – CTRL + ALT + SPACE – This is the funny way of showing some possibilities on what you could play in Elite or EDRPG. And it basically shows the problems several players could have beginning to play Elite Dangerous.

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