Heresy Inspectors for EDRPG

I don’t know how long ago I made a quite good order of minis at Heresy Miniatures, but I had started to paint the five minis of the Inspectors Deal Pack years ago – and never finished them. They stayed in my drawer for started minis with only a white foundation and a dark blue basecoat for their uniforms.

But now I found a purpose for them, since I looked for some minis for portraying Federal Starport Personnel for the Elite: Dangerous Role Playing Game (EDRPG) and I finally reworked them.

When I was finished with the painting I didn’t like the bases and wanted to change them to self made bases made of green stuff. So I cut away the lead tabs at their feet and created new bases with help of the Basius 2 Base Stamp System from Kickstarter that I backed in October 2014. I chose the Battle Zones Stamp and set up five bases. Even though I wasn’t really happy with the result I decided to keep the result – they were enough for the purpose of RPG minis.

I hope to stay this active and to paint and use even more minis in the future, EDRPG just got me motivated. Whoohoo.

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