In Progress: Protect my Base – and keep it clean, man!

Aaand another “Work in Progress”, this time only continuing on some minis that I already have half painted last year.

The minis are from Mercs Recon, a 2014 Kickstarter Boardgame by Megacon Games that I like very much. It comes with lots of minis with individual sculpts, especially several different civilians that were stretch goals in the Kickstarter.

In the image at the top I painted the Janitor (you always need a janitor, don’t you?) and (if I remember correctly) two female VIPs. I intend to use the VIP for the Elite: Dangerous Role Playing Game (EDRPG) as the female Director of a Corporate Base and the janitor, well, as the janitor at the Base.

The second picture shows five SecFor 2 from Mercs Recon which I intend to use as Corporate Security for EDRPG, of course. The base colour is not the same, so I have to paint it similar for all of them. The choice of the color comes from the color of the matching SecFor 2 card of Mercs Recon.

Not much left to do, but still work in progress…

One thought on “In Progress: Protect my Base – and keep it clean, man!

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