Sedition Wars Minis for EDRPG

Way back in mid 2012 I backed a Sci-Fi Miniature Boardgame called “Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster”. I liked the idea and the minis, but the Kickstarter was a mess, the minis hard to assemble and with lots of mound lines. A painting guide DVD (YouTube Link to the Samaritan Painting Guide) was part of the Kickstarter, but was delivered very late, so I never came to paint it. Many people said the first edition was unplayable, a second edition with new rules and cards was published but I never really played the new edition. And so the game and the minis went to the gaming cupboard.

Until now, that is. When I thought about doing my first adventure planning for the Elite: Dangerous Role Playing Game (EDRPG) I thought about minis I could use for the Imperial Security troops, and I immediately thought about the Sedition Wars Samaritan. I liked their white armor and this was how I imagined how the Imperials would look like, especially the regular lightly armored forces. For the heavier armored forces I will use Deadzone Enforcers with a similar painting scheme, but this has still time.

Now I have finally finished five minis, enough for my EDRPG needs, but not enough for Sedition Wars. Nonetheless Sedition Wars has still a lot of other minis…

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