My Interactive Sheets for EDRPG

For all my Role Playing Games I like to use PDF versions on the Character Sheets, especially when I am the Game Master. Only for the most complicated systems I like to use Excel Sheets with lots of formulas instead…

As a Player I can print my current Character Sheet for each session and scribble on it as much as I like. After the gaming session I can use the PDF to update all relevant stats and print it for the next gaming session if my old print in not usable anymore.

As a Game Master I can keep the Sheets of my Players for reference and to quickly look up things. If a Player forgets his sheet I am ready to help out. And for conventions I always create some Characters and store them, so I am ready for every situation, even when needing to run a game on short notice.

With the Elite: Dangerous Role Playing Game this is no different. On the EDRPG webpage you can get free downloads of their PDF Forms, but when I wanted to use them I had a problem with some of them as they didn’t work properly with my PDF writer PDFPen Pro and some of the PDFs didn’t have Form fields. So I re-worked some of them, created a Form version in the Non-Form PDFs and sent them to Spidermind to put them up on their page.

Since then I have found some minor errors and still have some improvements planned for the Sheets.

To here are the latest of my versions of the Sheets:

If you have any wish or found an error, then let me know.

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