Podcast Tip – Escape Velocity

When driving to work and back home again I am listening most of the time to Podcasts or to Audiobooks.

Ages ago I already listened to the Podcast Escape Velocity by The Radio Theatre Workshop and it is fun to listen to it, especially when you are an Elite: Dangerous or even more an Elite: Dangerous RPG player.

I don’t want to talk much about the story of the series, just that it is about Commander Thane, who is piloting a small Merlin class spaceship and has to deal with the typical life of a spaceship pilot until he takes the wrong job and has a stowaway on board of his ship. Listen to the rest of it by yourself.

As is stated on the Escape Velocity homepage, series four is on it’s way now and I just showed my appreciation by becoming a supporter at Patreon by donating money for each episode that is aired. And I show appreciation by writing this, of course.

Thank you Christopher Jarvis and Radio Theatre Workshop for some good and fun listening hours! And keep up the work, it is much appreciated.

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