In Progress: Zombicide Black Plague – William

A few days ago I looked through my Fantasy Miniatures to find suitable models for my Artesia RPG Character. I stumbled upon my Zombicide Black Plague stuff and selected a few Minis I felt like a possible match. The first one I chose to paint was “William”.

William as well as some more of the Zombicide Survivors went through the usual cleaning process (remove the most awful mold lines, hot water treatment to straighten bent plastic parts and finally wash the Minis). Then I used my white Army Painter Spray Primer and wanted to go on. Sadly, the Primer made a grainy coat and I hoped it would go away when I painted it – which was not the case…

So I went on and painted the model to the state you find in the picture, but the coat was still grainy as you can see in the picture. Sigh… I will just go on and work on the face and the sword and varnish it. That’ll be enough for the mini, I won’t strip the mini and start again.

After thinking about the issue with the Primer and a bit of research I hope that my problem was to apply the paint from a distance too great for Army Painter Primer – it should be used at 20cm at maximum. I will try to clean the other minis I primed, at least remove the graininess, and start again.

Williams original image from Zombicide Black Plague


One thought on “In Progress: Zombicide Black Plague – William

  1. Travelling Jack

    I have the EXACT problem with the EXACT spray paint. Black and Grey come out smooth but the white is grainy. I thought it was because the weather too hot and the spray particles were drying before they hit the mini. Let me know if you get a solution.


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