Unstable Unicorns

And here is another Kickstarter I backed in August 2017, this time a very simplistic card game called “Unstable Unicorns” (Kickstarter-Link), which raised over 1.8 Million Dollar from over 33.000 Backers.

Last Month I finally got my pledge and got to play the game only days ago – so it is time to share some details about it. But first of all, what are unstable Unicorns? On the Website unstableunicorns.com you find the following explanation:

Copyright by http://www.unstableunicorns.com

Since you now know everything you need about the Unicorns itself, let’s get back to the game. Each players starts with a single Baby Unicorn in their Stable and tries to gather seven Unicorn to win the game. That’s all. This can be done in 6 turn or could take a bit longer with uncooperative players.

To make the game a bit more fun there are some more card types: Upgrades to improve your Stable, Downgrades to flaw one of your opponents Stables, Magic to cast Spells with a variety of possible effects and Instants that are played as reaction to opponents cards (“Neigh” to counter opponents cards).

The game is very straightforward: Use “Beginning of Turn” Effects, Draw a Card, Make an Action, Discard if you have to many Cards in your Hand. Actions are either playing a Card, using an Action Card Effect or Drawing a Card. And even though this game is fast and simple it still is very much fun, the images and flavor texts are awesome.

Since Unstable Unicorns is so fast to play it is equally great to be used as a starter for a Board Game Evening or you might even stick with the game for some more rounds. Or the Evening. Or use it to fill the time while you wait for some missing players or while one players makes a Bio Break. Or whatever 🙂

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