Improved Ship Sheets for EDRPG

As a follow-up to my posting My Interactive Sheets for EDRPG I have worked quite a lot to rework the Ship Sheets for the Elite: Dangerous RPG.

My new versions of the Ship Sheets have been completely reworked. I changed the following things in comparison to the original Ship Sheets:

  • Created a new Sheet for Huge Ships.
  • Added an additional line with Ship Name, Min. Crew, Passenger Space and Ship Cost right below Pilot Name and Ship Model.
  • Decreased the Hull and Shield field sizes to gain more space for other things.
  • Changed the four stats on the left hand side and complemented “Defence” and the new field “Scan” with Sensor Bonus fields to enter their bonus separately.
  • Added a Floating Points section where the Player can put dice of tokens to show which Floating Point they are currently using. As a late addition I created checkboxes for Players using the Sheets on computers or tablets during play (thanks to Cmdr Wishblend for the idea). These boxes will not be printed, they are only usable in the digital form..
  • Added an “Attack” field to fill in the Basic Attack value for all weapons.
  • Moved the “Notes” field and decreased it in size to make up for more room.
  • For all Modules I changed the order of the columns to reflect the order they are listed in the rulebook.
  • I increased the total numbers of all Module rows to reflect the maximum number according to the Core Rulebook and all four Supplements.
  • For the Cargo Hatch Fixed Components I am using regular fields so you can change the values (only needed for Strength, but maybe Engineering might in some future Update change Power, too?
  • Changed the “Total Power” field to make it a “Power Total” and “Power Left” field with automatic calculation from all Power values of the modules.
  • Re-Created all the form fields and entered a description which can be seen when you move the Mouse over one field and leave it there for a second.
  • In the end I even got it to work that it can calculate the Power AND have some fields resize the font automatically when you enter longer words (e.g. Ship Model and Ship Name).

I still have more things I will likely build in, but the biggest wishes I had are already build in now.

  • When you enter the Ship Model the Form will pre-fill the Module Size values for you.
  • When you enter a Module Name it will pre-fill the Module stats for you.
  • Create a combined Character & Ship Form which calculated several of the stats for you.

But now to the new files, currently in version 5:

  • Ship Sheet for Small Ships – PDF and Form
  • Ship Sheet for Medium Ships – PDF and Form
  • Ship Sheet for Large Ships – PDF and Form
  • Ship Sheet for Huge Ships – PDF and Form

As usual, if you have any issues please let me know in the comments.

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