The Elite Dangerous RPG GM Collection

Today I finally had the GM Collection of EDRPG on my doorstep – the so called EDRPG box has been delivered by Spidermind Games and the Kickstarter has been fulfilled!

Even though I only was a late backer I was looking forward to hold the books in my hands. Partly because I had the honor and pleasure to help proofreading the books but mostly because I liked the PDFs very much and longed to see them in their full glory as printed books.

I was quite impressed to find the GM Screen to be of a much thicker cardboard then the usual Screens, I found the displayed tables very useful and well presented. The player facing side shows a beautiful image of Lave Station, well chosen.

And another surprise was to see, the the Hardcover Rulebook was a Reprint, since my name was in the credits which wasn’t the case in my other Rulebooks I already got as an Ambassador. Awesome!

And the box came just in time, since I could use the stuff just today in my EDRPG session.

I am very happy to have the books in my hands and I am looking forward to run more demo sessions in the near future.

It was a good day…

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