5 thoughts on “EDRPG Ship Sheets v5.1

  1. Avan Madisen

    I think the Power Total and Power Left formulas are not working on the small ship sheet, not a big issue and the medium sheets can be used.


    1. Thank you for the feedback, I will check this tomorrow. I have only two issue so far that I know of: First the Cargo Hatch calculation is in the wrong notation (German digital divider, I cannot fix that) and that working with another app as Adobe Reader it may create errors in the calculation.


    2. You are absolutely right, the uploaded version is messed up. I am mainly using small and medium ships and didn’t have the issue e.g. at preparing my last Convention sessions. I will upload the working version now und update the link to “v5.1 corrected”.

      Thank you for pointing the issue out to me.


  2. Carsten

    Hey, I just took a look at these (great work, BTW).
    One thing though – at the fixed components, there isn’t a space for Fuel Tank?
    Or is that not important?


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