EDRPG Ship Sheets v5.1

Due to some requests I am finally upload my long overdue version 5.1 of my form fillable PDF Ship Sheets back from June 2018.

As usual feel free to comment if you find errors or ideas for improvements.

For testing: Here is a sample Sheet without the Power Consumption Calculation:

13 thoughts on “EDRPG Ship Sheets v5.1

  1. Avan Madisen

    I think the Power Total and Power Left formulas are not working on the small ship sheet, not a big issue and the medium sheets can be used.


    1. Thank you for the feedback, I will check this tomorrow. I have only two issue so far that I know of: First the Cargo Hatch calculation is in the wrong notation (German digital divider, I cannot fix that) and that working with another app as Adobe Reader it may create errors in the calculation.


    2. You are absolutely right, the uploaded version is messed up. I am mainly using small and medium ships and didn’t have the issue e.g. at preparing my last Convention sessions. I will upload the working version now und update the link to “v5.1 corrected”.

      Thank you for pointing the issue out to me.


  2. Carsten

    Hey, I just took a look at these (great work, BTW).
    One thing though – at the fixed components, there isn’t a space for Fuel Tank?
    Or is that not important?


  3. Jeffrey Clark

    Timo I noticed we cant alter the finale power at the bottom, i have to use the notes to list it. any chance that might be fixed??


  4. Jeffrey Clark

    I must be entering them wrong, can you give me an example of how to enter values to get the box to update?


    1. I could see that it can make problems if you use anything else that the Adobe Acrobat Reader (in my case Apple Preview has issues). And use the english notation of 0.5 and not 0,5.


  5. Jeffrey Clark

    hmmm… I’ve changed it around and still no change in what’s displayed… this is my discord server where I and my friends play EDRPG if you could pop on and verbally explain it, that would be a great help (just asking, not demanding.)


    the link will expire in 24 hours


    1. I checked on the files and they do not work/calculate in the browsers as well as Apple Preview. I could not test with Acrobat Reader as it crashes on all my Macs (since I am running the latest betas of macOS). I‘ll look into it as soon as I have a non-beta machine set-up.
      Job is quite busy at the moment and I am away at the weekend, so I am not responding very fast.
      And no real big audio explaining needed. It should be like this: Download, open in Acrobat Reader, enter your Power Consumption and it sums them up. Since I am in Germany the pre entered number for the cargo hatch sadly has a comma instead of a dot as separator and I could get the solved as look as I had Acrobat Pro available.


    2. Jeffrey, I am sorry I could not get back to you until now – I had lots of overtime at work and I am finally taking time off by now.
      I guess the only good solution to get the Sheets working for you is to remove the automatic calculation field. It seems web browsers and most PDF applications besides the Adobe ones are not able to do the calculation. I don’t really know why but I will work on them those days and will publish a new version very soon.
      I hope this will help you. Watch this space 😉


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